A payday loan without income statements

A payday loan without income statements

A loan or loan without income statements is now available at your fingertips. It is enough to submit an application for such additional cash via the Internet.

Once, going to the bank for a loan or a loan, without a certificate of employment or income, we did not do anything. And is it possible to get extra cash now without this piece of paper? It turns out that the most, and moreover without having to walk around the outlets and without having to leave the house.

Of course, this applies mainly to situations where we do not care about a large or gigantic amount. However, if we need cash to 10 or even 20 thousand zlotys, there is a good chance that we can get it without collecting additional documents from the place of employment, and perhaps even without leaving home. Loans without earnings certificates on the ID card are available mainly among companies, banks and institutions that allow you to borrow additional cash via the Internet.

Internet payday loans without income and employment certificates

In the case of this second option, everything depends on the bank in which we submit the application. In the case of those typically focused on granting loans via the Internet, such as mBank, iGotówka, Smart Bank, it will be possible. If we care about an unpaid amount of credit, we have a chance to settle online formalities. The entire process will be limited to filling out a loan application online. We will carry out the verification call over the phone and then send the documents to the bank that will confirm our income.

In the case of the latter, it will not have to be a certificate of income from the workplace. Usually, the account statement is enough for us. This is a document that we can download in an electronic version (pdf) if you log in to our bank account. It can be an extract documenting our income from the last 3 or 6 months (depending on the bank in which we submitted the application).

However, I must point out that the final decision on granting the loan is made by the bank. It is him who has the last sentence, whether he will give us credit without additional documents and whether he will bother us with an additional visit to the bank. It depends mostly on the history and creditworthiness we have. In short, if we earn not a little and previously we had no delays in paying off other loans, then the bank is not likely to make us uphill.

Loan without certificates in installments

It is worth knowing that we will also receive loans without certificates in many companies providing non-bank loans. In their case, in principle, all formalities are dealt with online and without unnecessary formalities. Thanks to this, you need cash, you can find your bank account instantly. To obtain such loans without certification, we will only need a bank account, a mobile phone and internet access. All companies require, of course, that the person applying for the loan should be an adult or have completed a certain age, eg 20 or 21 years.

What also speaks in favor of loan companies is lower requirements. These companies calculate the creditworthiness of the client differently than banks. If, for example, the bank refuses our loan application because of low creditworthiness (low income), it is very likely that the loan company will accept such loan application. Of course, here it is very important to pay attention to the costs of such loans. If the bank refuses to grant us a loan, do not go to the first lending company. Thanks to the Internet, we can verify costs in many different companies where a loan is available without any certificates. Using the virtual calculator, which can be found on the website of most of this type of companies, we can see the exact or approximate cost of such a loan. Even before submitting the application, we will know the amount of the loan installment, its total cost and the APRC interest rate. Therefore, it may turn out that the cost of a loan over the Internet without a certificate will be similar to a loan taken in a bank. That is why it is worth analyzing at least a few such offers and choosing the most favorable one.

If you received a loan or loan with no certificates without unnecessary certificates and documents in any bank, we encourage you to share your opinion with us in the comment.

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