A payday loan without income statements

A loan or loan without income statements is now available at your fingertips. It is enough to submit an application for such additional cash via the Internet.

Once, going to the bank for a loan or a loan, without a certificate of employment or income, we did not do anything. And is it possible to get extra cash now without this piece of paper? It turns out that the most, and moreover without having to walk around the outlets and without having to leave the house.

Of course, this applies mainly to situations where we do not care about a large or gigantic amount. However, if we need cash to 10 or even 20 thousand zlotys, there is a good chance that we can get it without collecting additional documents from the place of employment, and perhaps even without leaving home. Loans without earnings certificates on the ID card are available mainly among companies, banks and institutions that allow you to borrow additional cash via the Internet.

Internet payday loans without income and employment certificates

In the case of this second option, everything depends on the bank in which we submit the application. In the case of those typically focused on granting loans via the Internet, such as mBank, iGotówka, Smart Bank, it will be possible. If we care about an unpaid amount of credit, we have a chance to settle online formalities. The entire process will be limited to filling out a loan application online. We will carry out the verification call over the phone and then send the documents to the bank that will confirm our income.

In the case of the latter, it will not have to be a certificate of income from the workplace. Usually, the account statement is enough for us. This is a document that we can download in an electronic version (pdf) if you log in to our bank account. It can be an extract documenting our income from the last 3 or 6 months (depending on the bank in which we submitted the application).

However, I must point out that the final decision on granting the loan is made by the bank. It is him who has the last sentence, whether he will give us credit without additional documents and whether he will bother us with an additional visit to the bank. It depends mostly on the history and creditworthiness we have. In short, if we earn not a little and previously we had no delays in paying off other loans, then the bank is not likely to make us uphill.

Loan without certificates in installments

It is worth knowing that we will also receive loans without certificates in many companies providing non-bank loans. In their case, in principle, all formalities are dealt with online and without unnecessary formalities. Thanks to this, you need cash, you can find your bank account instantly. To obtain such loans without certification, we will only need a bank account, a mobile phone and internet access. All companies require, of course, that the person applying for the loan should be an adult or have completed a certain age, eg 20 or 21 years.

What also speaks in favor of loan companies is lower requirements. These companies calculate the creditworthiness of the client differently than banks. If, for example, the bank refuses our loan application because of low creditworthiness (low income), it is very likely that the loan company will accept such loan application. Of course, here it is very important to pay attention to the costs of such loans. If the bank refuses to grant us a loan, do not go to the first lending company. Thanks to the Internet, we can verify costs in many different companies where a loan is available without any certificates. Using the virtual calculator, which can be found on the website of most of this type of companies, we can see the exact or approximate cost of such a loan. Even before submitting the application, we will know the amount of the loan installment, its total cost and the APRC interest rate. Therefore, it may turn out that the cost of a loan over the Internet without a certificate will be similar to a loan taken in a bank. That is why it is worth analyzing at least a few such offers and choosing the most favorable one.

If you received a loan or loan with no certificates without unnecessary certificates and documents in any bank, we encourage you to share your opinion with us in the comment.

Immediate and Instant Payday Loans

Find an online financial institution in Spain that approves payday loans at the moment is not easy but analyzing the different existing offers, I have selected those that do deliver money in less than 10 minutes, once the request has been approved through its website.

Do not kid yourself: the amounts they lend you are small (between 50 and 900 euros) although it is a solution when you need a loan to get out of an economic slump. It is more frequent than it seems, we have to face situations where we lack money and do not know who to turn to.

The mini credits instantly without paperwork are granted by lenders or financial entities that work only online so that users have the money instantly, reaching in many cases to be transferred the requested amount in less than 15 minutes, from the moment that is approved, hence they can be classified as money payday loans instantly.

If you have already gone to relatives, friends, bosses, credit cards , etc. and you still have not gotten the money that urges you what you can do is compare the different fast online payday loans that exist in the market.

index of contents

  • 1 Loan List instantly online
  • 2 Characteristics of instant payday loans online
  • 3 Why are Credits instantly requested online?
  • 4 Online credits with immediate response?
  • 5 Personal Mini payday loans: Elements to be taken into account so as not to be scammed:
  • 6 Who grants a credit issue of minutes without paperwork?

Loan Listing instantly online

Loan Listing instantly online

Like insurance comparators or travel comparators, I have created a comparator or list with the best online credits   based on the opinions of consumers who have already been customers so that you have all the information collected in one place   and do not go crazy navigating the internet and consulting countless pages without knowing who to listen to.

Some miniprestamos can be obtained for free, this is, without paying interest , it is a type of promotion or offer to be made known to potential clients.

The amount of money that can be obtained is about 300 euros and they only grant them without interest if it is the first time you borrow them.

I have selected 8 lenders who have launched this offer and you can find them in the free credits section and on each of these mini credits I have analyzed their advantages and disadvantages.

Characteristics of instant payday loans online

Characteristics of instant payday loans online

They are characterized by being processed online to respond to the applicant who needs their availability on the spot and precisely this feature is what differentiates them from the credits granted by traditional banking that can take days and even weeks to grant them, although the quantities are minimal.

 The other characteristic of the immediate loan is that it is frequent that the applicant does not have to provide documents or receipts , that is, it is not necessary to fill in paperwork or submit payroll or endorsement, and taking this characteristic as a reference, I have made a selection of the best known Quick Credits without Documentation – payday loans without 1 Click Paper that you can find on the internet.

Why are Credits instantly requested online?

These small credits of immediate availability have very diverse destinations and it would be very extensive to relate all of them, so I will only give you some examples:

  • The expenses of uniforms or books in the return of children to school.
  • To go on vacation. We all need to disconnect from work and routine once a year and if you do not have money at that time, you can borrow it.
  • Buy the Christmas kings: In Christmas times the expenses skyrocket and it is when there is more demand for microcredits.
  • Pay a traffic ticket (if you pay it before 15 days you save 50% of the amount)
  • To pay tuition for university studies
  • To overcome the January slope (I would add and the February one!)
  • To celebrate the baptism or the communion of your child (Only celebrated once in a lifetime …)
  • To fix the car (if once you repair the car you do not pay the bill, the workshop will not let you take it)
  • To make reforms or repairs in the house
  • To fix or buy new appliances, for example the washing machine.

Online credits with immediate response?

In all cases it is necessary that the money is delivered instantly because otherwise, it is cheaper to go to traditional banks although they require more requirements and take weeks to approve the line of credit.

From experience, I know that one of the decisive factors is the speed with which the money reaches your power once the request for urgent money has been approved , hence all companies strive to streamline the procedures by banishing paperwork. unnecessary

The immediate availability of money in personal payday loans is next to the inexistence of presenting guarantees or solvency guarantees which makes them popular with consumers because nobody wants to risk their properties by asking for a loan of 300 euros.

More and more users are requesting money online to solve financial problems, without having to explain to anyone what the money will be spent on. The boom in recent years of the immediate online payday loans is such, that they are monopolizing the sector having banished the habit on the part of the consumers to go to the banks of the neighborhoods.

The amounts of the applications oscillate between 50 and 1,500 euros and between 5 and 45 days the term to return the borrowed amount and if applicable the interest (amount that appears automatically in the same form where you indicate the amount of money you want and the period of time you want to return it).

The amount of money approved immediately is 1,000 euros, followed very closely by the microcredits of 100, 200, 300 and 500 euros.

For more information about this type of mini personal payday loans, I recommend that you visit each one of the official websites collected and processed from there your request.

Do not be fooled, the only valid information is that provided on your website by your customer service department, which are responsible for answering your questions about the conditions and requirements.

Mini Personal payday loans: Elements to keep in mind to avoid being scammed:

Mini Personal payday loans: Elements to keep in mind to avoid being scammed:

  1. Do not contract with private lenders , most of them are not governed by any regulations and operate on the dark side of legality.
  2. Take advantage of offers to be a new client : the first loan is granted without charging interest or commissions.
  3. Before signing, find out the total amount you will have to pay back.
  4. Use only a personal loan if you do not have other ways to get the money you need.

In another post I will analyze in depth the fast credits with Asnef (that is to say, entities that lend money to applicants that appear as debtors in lists of defaulters as ASNEF )

Who grants a credit issue of minutes without paperwork?

Answering the question of where they give this type of payday loans has its complexity because you have to value a series of elements to avoid being scammed by unscrupulous people posing as serious lenders.

Based on all the above, I will only recommend those, (some of them in less than 10 minutes), about which there are clients who have positively evaluated their experience and have qualified them as professionals, easy to request and a fast availability, and that’s why they occupy the first places in my ranking.

These types of minicréditos are so agile, that once approved, you will have the money in your bank account in a matter of minutes.

To speak of immediate payday loans is to talk about having borrowed money in a matter of minutes, since speed is essential to deal with emergency expenses and that postponing or delaying payment can only make the situation worse.

My 3 preferred ones are the following:

This has been my analysis of the immediate payday loans , as final advice I will tell you that you must use them responsibly and only in case you do not have another cheaper way to get the money.

Payday loan for start-ups

Only not many banks offer payday loans for start-ups starting from 1 day. However, this is not the only solution that people opening business activity on their own can count on.

When deciding to open our own business, we must prepare ourselves for the fact that it will entail a number of different types of costs. Even the smallest business, one personal activity that would seem that it will not require any large financial outlays from us, can bring a lot of different expenses.

People opening their own business nowadays are in a much better situation than, for example, people opening a company several years ago. First of all, they can take advantage of various types of offers targeted at new companies. The unemployed are in the best situation, registered in the Labor Office. Such persons may receive a non-returnable subsidy to start operations. Of course, the receipt of funds depends on the presentation of our business idea. However, if we are not an unemployed person and we would like to raise additional funds for the development of an enterprise, there is such a thing as a payday loan for start-ups. You can use it from the first day of operation, so immediately after carrying out all the formalities related to the registration of the company.

A start-up payday loan for start-ups

This type of payday loan for the development of an enterprise is offered not by many banks. If you are interested in using such a financial offer, it will certainly find them in the offers of such banks as Idea Bank or Nest Bank. A very interesting proposition for persons opening one-man activity is mBank. We are talking about the limit in the company account , which is also available from the first day of operation. By creating a company account at mBank, we will be able to count on launching a limit in the amount of up to PLN 30,000. And it should be added that this type of limit is a much more advantageous option in repayment than a company payday loan. What’s more, in addition to lower costs, we also have greater freedom in paying off such debt, because we regulate our obligations in the most timely manner for us. For example – at the beginning, when our activity is just developing, we can pay only the minimum amount set by the bank. And larger amounts at a later time, when our business will already bring adequate profits.

Non-bank payday loan for start-ups

Non-bank payday loan for start-ups

Undoubtedly, in companies providing non-bank payday loans, a company payday loan for a start will be more easily available, but it will be more expensive to pay. payday loan companies do not require as many formalities when opening credit as banks. In principle, only an ID card and a bank account are sufficient to run the payday loan. Therefore, no certificates are required to obtain a company payday loan . However, it should be noted that the costs of such a payday loan, especially for larger amounts and longer repayments, may be quite high. Fortunately, every single company that offers such a payday loan in its offer allows you to check the cost of the payday loan before submitting the online application. By indicating the payday loan amount we are interested in and the repayment period, we can know in advance the exact cost of such a payday loan and the amount of the monthly installment. We do not take such a blind payday loan and so we can accurately analyze the costs of such a company payday loan for a start.

Fast Payday Loan Online: urgent loans

One of the problems facing those who are interested in receiving an payday loan is locating the financial institution or the company that will provide the loan. The site of payday loans helps in finding an payday loan, and contacting the lending body in order to get it as quickly as possible. When is a loan considered urgent? What are the conditions under which payday loans can be obtained? How can a site of payday loans help anyone who wants to get a loan?

Payday loan – What is a payday loan and when it is worth taking it

An payday loan is a loan that needs to be obtained as quickly as possible. If in the past a quick loan was made within a few days, as of today the situation is completely different. Modern technology makes it possible to apply to the Internet through an payday loan site to the parties that grant loans to those interested, to apply for the loan and receive it for a period of time that will not exceed a few hours at least, and a day or two at the most.

But it is important to know that an payday loan has a price – interest rates are not similar to those used in banks and repayment terms may be different. In fact, the terms of the loan are determined according to the quality of the borrower and based on existing data thereon. The data can be retrieved easily from designated information sites on the Internet, such as the website, which specializes in business information. The better the data, the better the loan terms may be. The terms of the loan also correspond to the loan amount requested.


Locate payday loans and find the necessary loan

The site of payday loans helps in locating a loan that is suitable for the requirements and needs of those interested in receiving it. In addition, the site enables contacting the professionals who are responsible for granting the loan online, while leaving vital details that allow for a quick preliminary examination. The Internet has completely changed the lending sector and opened options that did not exist prior to obtaining loans in a short period of time.

If you also have an interest in getting a loan or financing, an payday loan site is the right place for you. Our professionals are trained in the best service and the highest quality results. It is best to contact you now and make a first step towards achieving financial well-being and breathing time. Our professionals are of the highest quality in the field, and for many years they have been providing the best service with proven results.

First payday loan without interest – test and pay

Companies providing online installment payday loans also have 0% APY offers. The first interest-free payday loan may be available to new customers of the company.

It turns out that it is not so much the companies offering payday payday loans that allow you to check the first payday loan free of charge. We’ve got used to almost the fact that most payday payday loans under this first payday loan are available for PLN 0, with no additional fees. It turns out that we can also use this option in selected companies that grant installment payday loans.

Such borrowing for free may be a good option, but only for those people who are sure that they will pay back the entire amount borrowed on time. Not part, not half – only the whole amount borrowed! In this case, we can take out a payday loan for 30 days and not pay for it at all. Of course, provided that we make sure that the repayment date is already mentioned. If the first payday loan without interest is not returned in a timely manner, the payday loan company may charge an additional fee.

The first payday loan for free in companies providing installment payday loans

Today, therefore, we will focus not on breaks, because there are a lot of such offers, and I think that this topic has already been exhausted at least a few times, for example with articles suggesting where to borrow for PLN 0 . We will focus today exclusively on installment payday loans and present 3 companies that also allow you to get the first payday loan without interest.


The first of them is the company, quite a frequent visitor in our pages, in particular the installment payday loan rankings published in Banki24. Well, the company is famous for the fact that it provides payday loans with no repayment in monthly installments up to PLN 15,000. The repayment period of such a payday loan can be spread over a selected number of installments. We can also make the repayment period dependent on the installment of the monthly payday loan that we would like to pay. In any case, the maximum repayment period in is 36 months. Recently, the company has also made it possible to test the payday loan for new clients. Anyone who has never used the services of the company before, can reach for the first payday loan completely free. Within 30 days, however, the entire amount borrowed should be returned. How much can you borrow under such a 0% payday loan? This, in part, will depend on the creditworthiness we have.

Payday loan without interest 0%

Companies have decided on such a promotional step and in which also the first payday loan without interest is available. As in the case of , it is normally a payday loan that can be taken and paid off in monthly installments. The amount of the payday loan available is PLN 10,000, in the next case we can apply for an increase of the limit to PLN 15,000. Every new customer can now use the 0% APY option. It involves a voluntary and one-time repayment of the payday loan within 30 days. Of course, in order for the company not to charge us with any additional costs, it is necessary to ensure timely repayment of the payday loan. There will be no additional income certificates for us, but only an ID card and an active bank account.

By default, the company provides installment payday loans whose repayment period can range from 3 to 24 monthly installments, and the payday loan amounts can reach PLN 10,000. However, if we do not want or do not need to use such a long repayment period, we can choose a 30-day repayment option. As a new client of the company, we will get such a payday loan completely without additional fees. At the same time it should be noted that under the first payday loan for PLN 0, the company grants payday loans up to PLN 2,000. The payday loan in Ferratum will be given to us free of charge, with the repayment of the whole in a set time.

Are the solution available for Payday Loans?

The amount that can be requested is up to 400 euros, making online payday loans easier to apply since it is not necessary to explain how the money will be used or provide proof of being in possession of payroll, pensions or similar.

How to ask for a payday loan Available online?

The company has developed a very simple process even for those people who do not master the way of working with the internet, through which the entire process can be done in just two minutes.

In the bottom part of this article you will find a button that when you click on it will take you to the website of Dispon where you will find an online application form for the mini credit where you must enter the desired amount of money and the number of days to return it ( maximum 33 days ). In this form depending on the amount requested and the time period marked will reflect a number of fees or other.     

Once you have entered the amount and term, you must click on the “Apply now” button that will take you to the next screen where you will see an informative message of the requirements that you must meet in order to be authorized for the mini online payday loan:

  • Adult 
  • Not be included in any list of defaulters 
  • Be a bank account holder and have a debit card
  • Email account
  • A contact mobile phone

In the corresponding form, you must complete the typical personal information fields, such as DNI number, name, date of birth, etc.

The communication by the company of the acceptance or denial of the payday loan occurs very quickly (in just 10 minutes) and the income of the requested amount of money occurs instantaneously in your bank account if you have requested other mini payday loans before or within one hour if it is your first request.

How to repay the payday loan?

How to repay the payday loan?

The financial company gives you three possibilities for you to choose the one that is most comfortable for you:

  1. Through a bank transfer to one of the accounts held by Dispon (account numbers you will find on its website)
  2. Income in cash in any of your accounts (They have open accounts in several banks
  3. The third way that you offer is using your debit card to pay on your website as if it were an ordinary online purchase

Save money by canceling early

At the time of the request you have to review in what maximum term you will return the credit, being its maximum term of 33 days, but one of the great advantages of this company is that it allows you to return it before saving you the interest, since Dispon only will charge interest for the real time you have had the money in your possession , not for the entire period marked at the time of processing.

If the deadline indicated in the application form has not been able to return the money, what you have to do is get in touch with the company to agree the best solution for both parties and minimize as much as possible the surcharges that will be charged for late repayment of the payday loan.

Advantages of applying for a fast online credit

  • It is done online: without paperwork
  • Rapidity in completing the application: in just 2 minutes
  • Neither a payroll nor a guarantee is necessary
  • You can request up to 400 euros
  • At the time of the request you will know how much they will charge you in interest depending on the time and period marked.
  • Rapidity in resolution: in 10 minutes
  • Rapidity in the income of the money: Immediately if you were already a client before or a maximum time if you are a new client
  • Save on interest if you return the money before the deadline indicated at the time of the request. They will only charge you for the time you have the money at your disposal

Everything Financially Under Control


The classic savings account has long been a thing of the past, as investors now have far more options for investing their money over the long term. Although time deposits and overnight money are regarded as proven options when it comes to investing money, they do not promise long-term financial security, as interest rates fall to a low level and it is hardly possible to save a fortune. Just as lucrative appear the well-tried life and pension insurance, as new contracts are too expensive and low interest rates.


Many Germans Are Afraid Of the IPO


Many Germans Are Afraid Of the IPO

On the other hand, many Germans are reluctant to go public with their investments. According to its own statements, the Deutsche Bundesbank recorded trillions of funds lying around without interest on German giro or overnight money accounts. The stock market as a capital market for a meaningful investment remains without alternative, because with appropriate expertise, it is also possible for hobby investors to obtain a lucrative investment, as long as they deal with the economic background and bring along a little time to habits on get to know the capital market. The type of investment is up to the investor – Trading in gold or ETFs can be just as worthwhile as the “classic” equity investment. However, the investor is nevertheless bound by certain principles, since not every trade is lucrative at all times. Sometimes, investors should follow certain basic principles in order to invest in a successful investment over the long term.



Six Simple Rules for a Successful Investment  


Six Simple Rules for a Successful Investment  


  1. Create a Stable Foundation

  Even the highest house of cards collapses at some point, when the foundation is on wobbly feet. For the Columbines that means: before going public, investors should ensure orderly financial conditions. Debt should be paid off, the investment is only the next step. It is advisable to first get an exact overview of all paid and current loans and avoid further financial burdens, which would ultimately be in the way of investing. Many experienced investors hereby follow a basic rule: They only use money for investment, which they no longer need in the short or medium term. Funds that are available for payments or other obligations are not intended for the IPO!

  1. Set Goals

Investors should set short-term and long-term goals on the stock market. It should be clear in advance what purpose the investment has and to which goal it should be aimed. The type of investment is primarily measured by their purpose. For example, an investment fund is only worth a long-term commitment – for short IPOs, the costs would outweigh the benefits.

  1. Balance Risks and Profits

It is essential for investors to know about the possible risks and, in the best case, to bring them into line with the profits. Short-term investors must first adjust to market fluctuations and plan for other returns than long-term investors. These tend to be quieter and yield better returns on average than traders who invest in securities in the short term and exit when price falls. However, in the long term, investors need to take certain risks in order to earn high profits.

  1. Minimize losses

It makes sense to distribute the funds accordingly to avoid large losses. The different types of investments help offset losses with profits elsewhere.

  1. Pay Attention!

Even the “small amount” plays a role in the investment. Investors who are already subject to the fluctuations in the financial market and their money so many times against the tide, should not also deal additionally unnecessary fees. A checking or overnight money account should never cost money. For active funds, on the other hand, it is common for one or two percent of fees to be based on the initial investment amount. It is advisable to find out about possible savings early on and also to compare the brokers with regard to the services and fees – the Brokervergleich.net portal is a comparison portal that compares the fees of renowned providers and shows whether a change of custody might be worthwhile ,

  1. Divide Columbines Correctly!

  Investments should be one thing above all else: easy to handle and transparent. Gold, stocks, bonds and real estate investments are, in addition to the classic checking and overnight money accounts, alternative ways to a successful investment. A mixture of different forms of application is even desirable, since each investment form brings its own strengths and weaknesses and complement each other. While a call money account is available on a daily basis and is hedged by law, interest on the time deposit account is higher and this investment is also considered safe, even if the money is unavailable for a period of time. ETFs, on the other hand, have low fees, sometimes high profits and less risk than individual stocks.