First payday loan without interest – test and pay

First payday loan without interest – test and pay

Companies providing online installment payday loans also have 0% APY offers. The first interest-free payday loan may be available to new customers of the company.

It turns out that it is not so much the companies offering payday payday loans that allow you to check the first payday loan free of charge. We’ve got used to almost the fact that most payday payday loans under this first payday loan are available for PLN 0, with no additional fees. It turns out that we can also use this option in selected companies that grant installment payday loans.

Such borrowing for free may be a good option, but only for those people who are sure that they will pay back the entire amount borrowed on time. Not part, not half – only the whole amount borrowed! In this case, we can take out a payday loan for 30 days and not pay for it at all. Of course, provided that we make sure that the repayment date is already mentioned. If the first payday loan without interest is not returned in a timely manner, the payday loan company may charge an additional fee.

The first payday loan for free in companies providing installment payday loans

Today, therefore, we will focus not on breaks, because there are a lot of such offers, and I think that this topic has already been exhausted at least a few times, for example with articles suggesting where to borrow for PLN 0 . We will focus today exclusively on installment payday loans and present 3 companies that also allow you to get the first payday loan without interest.


The first of them is the company, quite a frequent visitor in our pages, in particular the installment payday loan rankings published in Banki24. Well, the company is famous for the fact that it provides payday loans with no repayment in monthly installments up to PLN 15,000. The repayment period of such a payday loan can be spread over a selected number of installments. We can also make the repayment period dependent on the installment of the monthly payday loan that we would like to pay. In any case, the maximum repayment period in is 36 months. Recently, the company has also made it possible to test the payday loan for new clients. Anyone who has never used the services of the company before, can reach for the first payday loan completely free. Within 30 days, however, the entire amount borrowed should be returned. How much can you borrow under such a 0% payday loan? This, in part, will depend on the creditworthiness we have.

Payday loan without interest 0%

Companies have decided on such a promotional step and in which also the first payday loan without interest is available. As in the case of , it is normally a payday loan that can be taken and paid off in monthly installments. The amount of the payday loan available is PLN 10,000, in the next case we can apply for an increase of the limit to PLN 15,000. Every new customer can now use the 0% APY option. It involves a voluntary and one-time repayment of the payday loan within 30 days. Of course, in order for the company not to charge us with any additional costs, it is necessary to ensure timely repayment of the payday loan. There will be no additional income certificates for us, but only an ID card and an active bank account.

By default, the company provides installment payday loans whose repayment period can range from 3 to 24 monthly installments, and the payday loan amounts can reach PLN 10,000. However, if we do not want or do not need to use such a long repayment period, we can choose a 30-day repayment option. As a new client of the company, we will get such a payday loan completely without additional fees. At the same time it should be noted that under the first payday loan for PLN 0, the company grants payday loans up to PLN 2,000. The payday loan in Ferratum will be given to us free of charge, with the repayment of the whole in a set time.

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