Payday loan for start-ups

Only not many banks offer payday loans for start-ups starting from 1 day. However, this is not the only solution that people opening business activity on their own can count on.

When deciding to open our own business, we must prepare ourselves for the fact that it will entail a number of different types of costs. Even the smallest business, one personal activity that would seem that it will not require any large financial outlays from us, can bring a lot of different expenses.

People opening their own business nowadays are in a much better situation than, for example, people opening a company several years ago. First of all, they can take advantage of various types of offers targeted at new companies. The unemployed are in the best situation, registered in the Labor Office. Such persons may receive a non-returnable subsidy to start operations. Of course, the receipt of funds depends on the presentation of our business idea. However, if we are not an unemployed person and we would like to raise additional funds for the development of an enterprise, there is such a thing as a payday loan for start-ups. You can use it from the first day of operation, so immediately after carrying out all the formalities related to the registration of the company.

A start-up payday loan for start-ups

This type of payday loan for the development of an enterprise is offered not by many banks. If you are interested in using such a financial offer, it will certainly find them in the offers of such banks as Idea Bank or Nest Bank. A very interesting proposition for persons opening one-man activity is mBank. We are talking about the limit in the company account , which is also available from the first day of operation. By creating a company account at mBank, we will be able to count on launching a limit in the amount of up to PLN 30,000. And it should be added that this type of limit is a much more advantageous option in repayment than a company payday loan. What’s more, in addition to lower costs, we also have greater freedom in paying off such debt, because we regulate our obligations in the most timely manner for us. For example – at the beginning, when our activity is just developing, we can pay only the minimum amount set by the bank. And larger amounts at a later time, when our business will already bring adequate profits.

Non-bank payday loan for start-ups

Non-bank payday loan for start-ups

Undoubtedly, in companies providing non-bank payday loans, a company payday loan for a start will be more easily available, but it will be more expensive to pay. payday loan companies do not require as many formalities when opening credit as banks. In principle, only an ID card and a bank account are sufficient to run the payday loan. Therefore, no certificates are required to obtain a company payday loan . However, it should be noted that the costs of such a payday loan, especially for larger amounts and longer repayments, may be quite high. Fortunately, every single company that offers such a payday loan in its offer allows you to check the cost of the payday loan before submitting the online application. By indicating the payday loan amount we are interested in and the repayment period, we can know in advance the exact cost of such a payday loan and the amount of the monthly installment. We do not take such a blind payday loan and so we can accurately analyze the costs of such a company payday loan for a start.

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